The Department of Music’s Statement on Anti-Asian Violence

The Department of Music joins other voices in denouncing the recent killings in the Atlanta-area spas and the attacks on people of Asian descent in New York and elsewhere.  These attacks not only showed the horrific presence of anti-Asian racism in the nation but also the increased incidence of gendered violence. We join others in the widespread call to develop collective work in order to think through and address the ways in which race and gender intersect in such attacks. What became highly evident through the horrendous nature of the event is how the deep entrenchment of racism and misogyny intertwine under exploitative working conditions. In the Department of Music, part of our response involves deliberate and continued involvement with anti-racist and anti-misogynist work. This involves, particularly, but not only, continued attention to such issues in our class called Asian Music Humanities in order to understand the historical constitution of race and gender in Asian musics as well as to explore avenues of resistance, reparation and redress through music.