Sound Arts MFA

This two-year program is highly selective, offering admission to only three or four students each year. Prospective students with a deep engagement with sound as medium and a desire to join a diverse community of artists and musicians are encouraged to apply.

The core of the Sound Arts curriculum is comprised of individual or collaborative research projects. It is expected that Sound Arts students will pursue creative work in a variety of genres and focus on the integration of sound with other media. The project-based research structure offers students the opportunity to expand the depth and complexity of their practice as well as their ability to think critically. Students have access to the expertise of the Sound Arts and Music faculty, as well as our colleagues in Visual Arts, Engineering, and across the university. Sound Arts students also have regular studio visits with visiting artists and critics, groups critique with the Sound Arts community, and a week of mentor group outings each semester with an established artist.

Sounds Arts Program FAQ

Sound Arts Program Degree Requirements