Organization of Music Graduate Students

The Organization of Music Graduate Students (OMGS) was established in the Spring of 2020 to provide a centralized student-led group that functions as an official channel of communication between the graduate student body of the music department of Columbia University and the departmental administration and faculty. The purpose of OMGS is to ensure transparency and effective communication, facilitate suggesting and/or enacting reforms, and encourage interdisciplinarity through social events. In addition to providing a venue for productive collective discussion, OMGS also sponsors student-led working groups to address relevant issues in the department and serves as a means of communication with the GWC-UAW, Columbia’s graduate student union. OMGS officers are elected annually by the graduate student body of the music department. Meetings are held regularly throughout the semester and all currently enrolled graduate students are encouraged to attend and participate.


OMGS Bylaws

Officers and Elections

2020 Officers

Audrey Amsellem, Executive Officer 

Callum Blackmore, Finance & Administration Officer 

Lauren Bernard, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer 

Grant Woods, Sustainability Officer 

Lauren Shepherd, Events Officer 

Per the bylaws of the organization, officers are elected every November for a yearlong term. Graduate students in the department interested in running should consult the bylaws for self-nomination and election procedures.

Events Calendar

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June 2020 Open Letter

In June 2020, the graduate students of the music department co-authored an open letter addressed to university and departmental administration to promote department-wide conversations on anti-racism. The letter was coordinated by the Organisation of Music Graduate Students (OMGS), authored by graduate students from all areas, and received a high degree of support within the music department’s graduate student body, with signatures from over 70% of enrolled students. This letter resulted in productive conversations with faculty both within and outside of the music department and has contributed to continuing efforts at curricular and other reforms. 

June 2020 Open Letter to the Music Department