People by Category - "Alumni"

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kristy Barbacane
Advising Dean, Berick Center for Student Advising, Columbia College
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Image of Mahir Cetiz
Core Lecturer, Music Humanities
Core Lecturer, Music Humanities
Professor Emeritus (1928–2008)
PhD Alumna in Ethnomusicology
Ph.D. Alumna in Ethnomusicology
Dr. David Gutkin
Lecturer in Music and Fellow, Society of Fellows in the Humanities (2015–2018)
Farzaneh Hemmasi
Alumna, Ethnomusicology PhD Program
Alumna, Barnard College 2015
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adjunct Associate Research Scholar, Department of Slavic Languages
Dawn Norfleet

Photograph of Dawn Norfleet by Tom Pease

Associate Professor of Music, U California/Santa Barbara
Alexander K. Rothe
Core Lecturer, Music Humanities
Professor Emeritus
Benjamin Steege
Assistant Professor of Music
Assistant Professor, Asian Performing Arts, University of Hawaii
Lecturer in Music
Marcelo Toledo
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music

photo by Dawn Walsh

Victoria Tzotzkova
Alumna (PhD 2012)
Core Lecturer, Music Humanities
Wang Lu
Alumna (DMA 2012)