People by Category - "CMC"

Acting Director of the Computer Music Center/Adjunct Assistant Professor
Prof. Zosha Di Castri
Francis Goelet Assistant Professor of Composition
Stylianos Dimou, Composer (1988)
DMA Student in Composition
MFA Student in Composition
Brad Garton
Director of the Computer Music Center (on leave 2018-2019 academic term)
DMA Student in Composition
DMA student in Composition
Fritz Reiner Professor of Musical Composition
George E. Lewis
Edwin H. Case Professor of American Music
DMA, Composition 2018
Miya Masaoka with koto and laser sound interface
Associate Professor Visual Art (Sound Art) & Director, Sound Art Program MFA
DMA Student in Composition

photo by Dawn Walsh

Tom Wetmore
PhD Student in Ethnomusicology