Magdalena Baczewska Plays Chopin & Szymanowski

Author / Artist: 
Publication Date: 
July, 2016

American Record Guide: "...excellent interpretive knowledge of Bach and the Baroque period appears in her clean lines and balanced, lyrical Szymanowski and Chopin (...) Richness and grace (...) finely woven under her fingers (...) ease of execution (...) rich lyricism." 

Classical Music Guide Online: "Warm, gracious and expressive (...) She understands the idioms of these composers so well, and never takes a false step stylistically. She produces a big, bronze tone and plays everything with ideas and color.  Ms. Baczewska has excellent technique but doesn’t need to 'show off.'" 
Musikalifeiten: "imagination and spontaneity (...) aristocratic character, free from pretentiousness or banality, and after a beautifully played slow introduction, the Grande Polonaise sounds proud and heroic (...) A fascinating program performed on high level." 

David Dubal on Reflections from the Keyboard: "Wonderfully lyrical, beautifully shaped."

Philippe Entremont: "Simply admirable! (...) I have never heard better playing since Rubinstein!"

Adam Rozlach, Polish Radio: "​Played with a breath of ​Ro​manticism, beautiful sound, and thoughtfulness. Sensuous, sensitive, delicate and lyrical, yet not limiting the climactic power.​" 

Classical Music: "Magdalena Baczewska is a magnificent Chopin player! She does not play this music in the manner of Rubinstein, Friedman, Horowitz or anyone else. She has her own unique voice, and stylistically never falters. Her rubato is always natural, and she brings out wonderful changes of color during modulations. She never has the need to “shout,” or bang, yet always brings off high points successfully. This pianist’s technique is always there, her sound always beautiful and unforced, and her idiomatic understanding of this music is complete."