Wet Ink: Relay

Publication Date: 
May, 2012

Vocals: Kate Soper
Flutes: Erin Lesser
Saxophones: Alex Mincek
Violin: Joshua Modney
Piano: Eric Wubbels
Percussion: Ian Antonio
Electronics: Sam Pluta 
Saxophone: Michael Ibrahim

  • Color, Form, Line - Alex Mincek
  • Alban - Rick Burkhardt
  • katachi (Etude I - II) - Eric Wubbels
  • katachi (Etude III - Modulation - Etude IV - Etude V - 60Hz - Etude VI) - Eric Wubbels
  • Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say (I - Go Away) - Kate Soper
  • Only The Words Themselves Mean What They Say (II - Head, Heart) - Kate Soper
  • Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say (III - Getting to Know Your Body) - Kate Soper
  • American Tokyo Daydream V - Sam Pluta
  • Anthem - George Lewis

For more than a decade, Wet Ink Ensemble has been pushing the boundaries of new music in New York City. Looking at Wet Ink's programs for the past 13 seasons shows a group that has not only defined a clear image of who they are, but has also had a broad influence on the new music scene in New York City. On Relay, with new works by Rick Burkhardt, George Lewis, Alex Mincek, Sam Pluta, Kate Soper, and Eric Wubbels, the ensemble showcases six of the most important composers making music in America today. These are not composers rehashing old ideas or following established trends. These are creative sonic thinkers, inventing new and unique sound worlds and creating new trends that will be followed for the next decade. 

With virtuosic performances by Erin Lesser on flute, Ian Antonio on percussion, and Joshua Modney on violin, plus composer-performers Kate Soper, Eric Wubbels, Alex Mincek, and Sam Pluta - and featuring Michael Ibrahim on saxophone - Relay displays stunning solo and ensemble playing, showcasing Wet Ink's unique brand of ensemble virtuosity, penchant for sonic exploration, and compositional inventiveness beyond the status quo.