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  1. red noise tin (Publications)

    ... play itself as the light in the room changes (shadows move, people pass by, etc.) ...

  2. on a hill in eastern pennsylvania (Publications)

    ... your neck is now blocking. You smell faint traces of other people's breath, perfume, shampoo. After a moment of silence and darkness, ...

  3. soundhats (Publications)

    ... make strange and lovely beating sounds. if a number of people are in a dark space wearing the soundhats , they can turn on their ...

  4. "Latin Jazz, Afro-Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Cubop, Caribbean Jazz, Jazz Latin, or just… Jazz: The Politics of Locating an Intercultural Music" (Publications)

    ... of jazz and its performers, this collections seeks out those people and pieces missing from the established narratives to explore what they ...

  5. The Cambridge Companion to Jewish Music (Publications)

    ... 'Jewish music' has conveyed complex and diverse meanings for people around the world across hundreds of years. This accessible and ...