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SEAS Music Minor

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) traces its origins back to 1864, and became a separate engineering school in 1926. It offers programs to both undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduates earn a Bachelor of Science degree, in which music courses can play a significant part.

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The SEAS Music Minor requires a minimum of 15 credits:

1. One of the following (3) credit courses:
     MUSI UN3400: Topics in Music and Society
     MUSI UN3128: History of Western Music I 
     MUSI UN3129: History of Western Music II

2. One of the following (3) credit courses:
     MUSI UN2318: Music Theory I 
     MUSI UN2319: Music Theory II
     Elective at the The Computer Music Center

3. Three other nontechnical electives in music (total 9 credits)*

*Note: music instruction and performance courses may not count toward the 27-credit nontechnical requirement within the 128 credits for the B.S.

Computer Music Center Technical Electives for SEAS Major

In pursuit of a BS from SEAS, the following courses have been approved for SEAS technical electives:

If any of the 4 courses listed above are taken for undergraduate credit for the SEAS technical electives, please note they cannot be counted again for graduate study.