Brad Garton

Professor of Music, Composition
Director Emeritus of the Computer Music Center
Director of Undergraduate Studies (Spring 2024)
Dept. Rep. to Columbia College (Spring 2024)
Dept. Rep. to General Studies & Special Programs (Spring 2024)

Brad Garton is a composer and computer musician and served as Director of the Computer Music Center (formerly the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center) from 1994 to 2022 where he is now Director Emeritus. He has assisted in the establishment and development of a number of computer music studios throughout the world, and is an active contributor to the greater community of computer musicians/researchers, formerly serving on the Board of Directors of the International Computer Music Association as editor (with Robert Rowe) of the ICMA newsletter and artistic director/co-organizer of several high-profile festivals and conferences of new computer music.

His current work includes focused research on the modeling and enhancement of acoustic spaces as well as the modeling of human musical performance on various virtual "instruments". He is also the primary developer (with Dave Topper) or RTcmix, a real-time music synthesis/signal-processing language. The point of all this work is to continue to make fun new pieces of music, which he does every day.

Degrees from Other Institutions: 
Purdue University