Undergraduate Program Overview

The Department of Music at Columbia University and Barnard College offers undergraduate courses and programs of study (major, concentration, minor - SEAS only) for the four following schools: Columbia College, Barnard College, General Studies and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The Computer Music Center in the Department of Music offers a select few electives that have been approved to fulfill technical elective requirements for the SEAS major. We also offer a joint degree program with the Juilliard School for highly qualified musicians. 

Detailed descriptions of course and other requirements for music majors or concentrators in each of these schools is available here:

Columbia College is a liberal arts college for men and women. It was founded in 1754, and currently has 3,700 students, making it the smallest college in the Ivy League. Students earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. The cornerstone of a Columbia College education is its core curriculum, a body of required courses in literature, philosophy, history, music, art, and science, all taught in seminar-style classes. View the curriculum page for detailed information on major/concentration requirements. For detailed information on courses, please go to the College Bulletin.

Founded in 1889, Barnard is a small liberal arts and sciences college for women. Our unique and longstanding partnership with Columbia University provides students with a vast selection of additional course offerings, extracurricular activities, NCAA Division I Ivy League athletics, and a fully coeducational social life. A Barnard education is structured around The Nine Ways of Knowing, a flexible set of requirements designed to equip students to respond critically and creatively to a rapidly changing world and debate ideas from new perspectives. Our faculty is comprised of leading scholars who serve as dedicated, accessible teachers to our diverse community of 2,400 extraordinary women. The College’s metropolitan location grants students access to thousands of internships in addition to excellent cultural, intellectual, and social resources. Barnard students graduate from the University, though we remain an independent institution. View the curriculum page for detailed information on major/concentration requirements.

The School of General Studies is a liberal arts school for students whose education since high school has been interrupted by at least a year. Its students earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. In both cases, the majority of points of credit must be in liberal arts subjects. The School has a set of core courses and a distribution requirement, as well as departmental majors and minors. View the curriculum page for detailed information on major/concentration requirements.

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) traces its origins back to 1864, and became a separate engineering school in 1926. It offers programs to both undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduates earn a Bachelor of Science degree, in which music courses can play a significant part, either through a SEAS Music Minor or through fulfilling technical electives required for the SEAS Major:

SEAS Music Minor

View the curriculum page for detailed information on minor requirements.

Computer Music Center Technical Electives for SEAS Major

In pursuit of a BS from SEAS, the following courses have been approved for SEAS technical electives:

GR6601/Interactive Sound & Video/3 pts.
GR6602/Sonic & Visual Representation of Data/3 pts.
GR6610/Sound: Advanced Topics I/3 pts.
GR6611/Sound: Advanced Topics II/3 pts.

If any of the four courses listed above are taken for undergraduate credit to fulfill the SEAS technical elective requirement, please note they cannot be counted again for graduate study at Columbia University.