Past Event

Alcide al bivio

April 4, 2009
12:00 PM - 12:55 PM
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Columbia University's Collegium Musicum, with OperaRepo, presents: Alcide al bivio by Johann Adolf Hasse.

Music Director, Amber Youell


Alcide - Amber Youell 
Edonide - Brett Umlauf 
Aretea - Brooke Bryant 
Fronimo - Sean Parr 
Dancers - Gloria Makino, Nicole Savery  
Chorus - Collegium Musicum 

Director, OperaRepo  - Annie Holt
Artistic Director - Sarah Meyers
Conductor - Mark Seto
Costume and Set Design - Haley Lieberman
Light Design - Vanessa Poggioli
Choreography - Patricia Weiss
Stage Management - Erin Badillo

Jacob Ashworth
David Bousso
Suzanne Davies
Amanda Lo
Gabriel Pereira
Juliana Pereira

David Dunbar
Maryam Parhizkar
Paulo Pereira

Anneke Schaul-Yoder

Andrea DeMarcus

Holly Druckman
Katie Klymko

Zoë Hilbert
Kathryn Heideman

Oleksiy Zakharov

Jesse Garcia
Benn Grobman

Brian Kleve
JP Reed

Robert Kistler

Alexandra Snyder Dunbar

Program Notes

In 1760, the renowned librettist Pietro Metastasio and composer Johann Adolf Hasse put pleasure on trial; in spring of 2009, we plan to reopen the case. The Columbia Collegium Musicum and a new opera company on campus, OperaRepo, have joined forces to stage the modern premiere of Hasse's and Metastasio's allegorical opera Alcide al bivio.  OperaRepo was founded in July 2008 as a way to bring students, faculty, and professionals together to return opera to the Columbia campus after a forty-year hiatus.  An aesthetic battle between Virtue and Pleasure, combining over-the-top musical extravagance with severe morality, Alcide al bivio will be our flagship production.  The theater of the Italian Academy is an ideal venue for our production of a work by the most important Italian librettist in history and a German composer (lovingly nicknamed il caro sassone) considered in his time to be the master of the Italian operatic style. The neo-classical design of the theater will literally encompass the audience in the classicizing message of the opera.  Metastasian opera is a pillar of Italian culture too often neglected on the stage; through innovative staging, design and performance by professionals and members of the Columbia community, we hope to make this work relevant and exciting to modern audiences.