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Online Conference "Improvisation and Time: Perspectives across Disciplines"

April 11, 2020
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
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Improvisation and Time: Perspectives across Disciplines

“Improvisation and Time” features invited presentations from renowned scholars and practitioners of improvisation in multifarious disciplines, focused on the theme of time. The conference regards improvisation as an inherent part of our being and behaving in the world and therefore as an inherently multidisciplinary field of inquiry, encompassing not only music, dance, literature, and other artistic practices, but also architecture, design, philosophy, critical theory, identity, and organizational theory, among others.

Improvisation’s situated nature also emphasizes process and time: improvisation occurs in time. This temporality relates in various ways to the aforementioned interdisciplinarity—practices such as music appear to embrace process and time, while others suggest more oblique relations. Our event embraces diversity in scholarly approaches and presents variegated points of views that offer unique perspectives on improvisation and its relation to time, and vice versa.
To put it simply, this conference combines the multidisciplinarity of critical improvisation studies with the theme of temporality in order to provoke new ways of examining our world and our conceptions of it.


Elliott Sharp
Miya Masaoka
Jill Soha
Garry Hagberg
Robert Rowe
Jaanika Peerna
Briggan Krauss
Stephon Alexander
Edgar Landgraf
Louis Wells
Randy Fertel
Stephen Nachmanovitch
Bob Gluck
David Mendonça
Andrew Goldman
Kate Doyle
David Sulzer

The conference will take place online.
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We are looking forward to having you with us !