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Artists Using Data: Allison Parrish

February 2, 2018
10:30 AM - 11:40 AM
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The Cornelia Street Café  29 Cornelia Street New York, NY 10014

Columbia University internist and cell biologist Howard Worman –once a student in Roland Hoffmann’s physical chemistry course – will tell us about his studies of the membranes that surround the cell nucleus. Scientists long thought defects in the nuclear membrane would be incompatible with life, but it turns out that mutations in genes encoding its proteins cause organ-selective disorders as well as a premature aging syndrome, and provides clues to how we all grow old. 

Moving to another membrane – the one that produces the sound of the drum –will be a duo of the great “jazz” drummer, bandleader and poet William Hooker, who has recorded over 70 CDs of wide ranging work (the latest, avant garde improvisations on classic Italian songs) and Brad Garton, chair of Columbia’s Computer Music Center. Brad and William have been exploring brainwave triggers of sound during improvisation, and may feature in their set.