Alumni News: Dr. Eamonn Bell Appointed Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Eamonn Bell was appointed as a postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Music at Trinity College, Dublin in October 2019. His project, “Opening the ‘Red Book’: The Digital Audio CD Format from the Viewpoint Between Musicology and Media Studies”, will explore how the once-ubiquitous Compact Disc (CD) audio format was designed, subverted, reproduced, and domesticated for musical ends.
Eamonn's research is funded by a two-year Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship, which was awarded by the Irish Research Council in June 2019. His work in Dublin will be supervised by Asst. Prof. Nicholas Brown and can be followed online at Eamonn is a recent graduate of the doctoral program in Music Theory at Columbia whose dissertation, “The Computational Attitude in Music Theory” (2019), was advised by Prof. Joseph Dubiel.