Stylianos Dimou (DMA, Composition) Awarded Luigi Nono Prize

The Associazione Amici per la Musica has awarded First Prize to Stylianos Dimou in the Luigi Nono competition. Dimou won for "Questioning the “un..-“:in discomfort, impetuous flow: in flux, y Quando l’an[I]ma è [S]atu[R]a: meaningless meandering for [Anit]." The jury wrote, "A composer is requested to show technique, ability to synthesize, original ideas and capacity to develop musical elements… that is to say, an artistic richness. This is what defines the author of these pieces, which shows himself in a subtle and extremely rich musical speech. Mr. Dimou retains all our admiration." Dimou will write a piece for the winner of the XIX Century Prize. 

The award was announced at the Luigi Nono concert on October 23rd, 2016, held in Turin.