Yun Emily Wang Receives Charles Seeger Prize, Martin Hatch Prize, and Clara Henderson Prize

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow Emily Yun Wang recently received the Charles Seeger Prize, the Martin Hatch Prize, and the Clara Henderson Prize at the Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting. The Charles Seeger prize is awarded by SEM and it recognizes the most outstanding paper presented by a graduate student at SEM 2017. The Martin Hatch prize recognizes the best student paper on a topic relevant to Asian music presented at SEM, and it's awarded by the Society for Asian Music, which meets in conjunction with SEM every year. The Clara Henderson prize is from SEM's Section on Dance, Movement, Gesture, and recognizes the best student paper on a topic related to dance, movement, and gesture. The paper, "Shopping and Chopping: Sound, Diasporic Intimacy, and Everyday Movements in Chinese Toronto," was based on one chapter of her dissertation--and now book project-- and it analyzes how two Chinese immigrant women listened to everyday sounds (e.g. meat grinders buzzing, thuds from the chopping board, hints of Mandopop playing in the store) in Toronto's ethnic supermarket and in a kitchen at home. Her argument was basically that both women listened, in historically conditioned ways, to orient themselves in an ethnicized sound world and in relation to one another.