Shannon Garland Wins Two Postdoctoral Fellowships

Shannon Garland (Ph.D., Ethnomusicology, 2014) has won the postdoctoral fellowship in Ethnomusicology at UCLA for the academic year 2017-2018. She also won a postdoctoral research fellowship from the State of São Paulo Research Support Foundation (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo—FAPESP) in Brazil to conduct the research project A New National? The Construction of a National Independent Music through Festivals in São Paulo (Um Novo Nacional?: A Construção de Música Nacional Independente por Festivais em São Paulo). This project is part of a 5-year, multi-party and multi-sited research grant called Local Musicking: New Pathways for Ethnomusicology (O Musicar Local--Novas Trilhas para a Etnomusicologia). The project is led by Ana Suzel Reily, Arts Institute, University of Campinas; Rose Hijiki, Department of Anthropology and the Sound and Image Laboratory, University of São Paulo; and Flávia Toni, Institute for Brazilian Studies and Department of Music, University of São Paulo. Dr. Garland will take up the appointment in Brazil starting in 2018-19. Her 2014 PhD dissertation in ethnomusicology at Columbia was entitled "Music, Affect, Value, and Labor: Late Capitalism and the (Mis)Productions of Indie Music in Chile and Brazil" and was advised by Prof. Ana María Ochoa.